Sep 062012

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the name that is synonymous with the Father of the World Wide Web that we see today just launched an online tool that measures the internet’s political economic and social impact of the web across the world.

Not to be surprised here, but Norway came out tops in the study that includes three general measurements that affects how well the index scores are:

  • Web Readiness: The physical infrastructure as well as the country’s policies in web access.
  • Web Use: How much access from the country itself and how much content in the country that users access.
  • The Impact of the Web: An index that evaluates the impact to social network, business internet and e-participation based on social, political and economic indicators.

Sadly I don’t see Malaysia being in the list. It could be that Malaysia’s social, political and economic indicators aren’t fully published yet for the last two years. Yes, it needs a two-year assessment of each of the indicators to build the index. Curiously, all other South-East Asian country is in that list except Myanmar, Laos and a few other less notable ones.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee did mention that more countries will be added in due course as compiling the index itself are pretty time consuming considering the sources they used.  The source for building these indexes can be referenced here. What do you think Malaysia’s web index will be? Will it (or can it) surpass Indonesia and Thailand?

Here’s the current top 10 countries according to its web index for 2012:

2012 Web Index

2012 Web Index

Source: The Web Index

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