May 132012

Rovio, the developer of the popular game Angry Birds has announced that they will launch a new game, Amazing Alex in about two months time as the successor of Angry Birds. The game is based on Casey’s Contraptions, an intellectual property purchased by Rovio recently. Casey’s Contraptions is a physics-based puzzle game for iOS. The new game focuses on a curious young boy named Alex who loves to build machines. Once finished building, you can press the play button to see if your machine is a success or failure. This game will have an educational element since it is a physics-based game and it can trains your creativity in thinking.

Amazing Alex Rovio to Launch Amazing Alex in Two Months Time as Angry Birds Sucessor

Angry Birds recently achieved it’s one billion of downloads while the latest Angry Birds in Space hit 10 million downloads in just three days after its launch . Will Amazing Alex follow the success of Angry Birds?

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Apr 042012

Riding on the success of its smartphone games, Rovio, the creator of the insanely popular bird catapulting app, Angry Birds is putting into works 52 furiously animated episodes of its namesake game. Rovio’s head of animation, Nick Dorra mentioned that the animation series will be employing a weekly format with its length no more than 3minutes each.

Angry Birds promo art1 Angry Birds Cartoon Coming Soon

Angry Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Almost all devices will be supported to view the animation series with a special Rovio developed video app, as quoted by Nick Dorra at the MIPTV conference in Cannes. Rumors are also abound about an Angry Birds movie, though Rovio is adamant to only reveal it by 2014. The animation is slated for release at around the September time frame, though no specifics were given to the exact date.

With the company growing absurdly fast, Rovio wants to redefine itself into “not just a game company” company. Let’s wait and see if these episodes can compare ot other 2-3 minute clip videos i.e. Happy Tree Friends etc.

Source: The Guardian 



 Angry Birds Cartoon Coming Soon
Mar 252012

Frustrated because you can’t play the newly launched Angry Birds Space on your Windows Phone? No fret because Rovio is working on a version of Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone as well but the official launch date is still unknown.

Angry Birds promo art Rovio Is Working On Angry Birds Space For Windows Phone 7

Angry Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“We are working towards getting Angry Birds Space to Windows Phone 7,” Rovio Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mikael Hed told Reuters on Friday, but said the launch date was not set.


 Rovio Is Working On Angry Birds Space For Windows Phone 7
Mar 222012

Finally it is 22 March, you can now download Angry Birds Space, the latest game from Rovio. Experience the zero gravity space adventures now. You can download Angry Birds Space from the links below:-

angry birds space1 Angry Birds Space Is Now Available For Download

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space features 60 levels, new birds, new superpowers, zero gravity space adventures and secret bonus levels. This app will also receive regular free updates and will feature in-app purchases. Continue reading »

Mar 102012

Angry Birds Space is coming soon on March 22 featuring 60 levels, new birds, new abilities and secret bonus levels. Angry Birds Space is cooperating with NASA to produce the video below. It was filmed on the International Space Station, featuring a live Angry Birds demonstration and physics lesson from an enlisted NASA astronaut Don Pettit. The app will receive “regular free updates” and will feature in-app purchases.

angry birds space Angry Birds Space will be Launched on March 22

Angry Birds Space

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