Jun 112011

U Mobile users can now pay their bills at Pos Malaysia offices as a result of their new partnership between U Mobile and Pos Malaysia recently.

You can now settle your bills at over 700 Pos Malaysia offices nationwide or by using their new automated payment kiosks, POS24 which will be located in selected branches or you can pay online via Pos Malaysia website under bill payment tab. To pay online, all you have to do is sign up as PosOnline member and log in to pay your bill.

Their new automated payment machines, POS24 can be found in only four locations in Kuala Lumpur branches and one in Kuantan for the time being. The machines are available 24hours for 7 days a week. Means you can pay anytime using the machines. However, to use these machines, bills must have a minimum value of RM10.

All transactions are only on cash basis.

U Mobile bills payment service via Pos Malaysia is open to U Mobile postpaid customers only for now. Prepaid users are expected to join in the later date.

  • ammal

    using post paid plan mb128.. where i can get the bills so i can pay it at the post office by cash.. i can't do it online becaise i don;t have credit card.. tell me a soon as possible ok

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