Jul 282012

HTC’s decision to skip Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) – Android 4.0 for it’s 2010/2011 flagship device HTC Desire HD didn’t come without flak from millions of owners. Today, HTC decided to  explain its stance on why a less than 2 year old device apparently cannot support the less than a year old Android OS.

English: HTC Desire HD with Sense 2.0 Default ...

English: HTC Desire HD with Sense 2.0 Default Interface Français : HTC desire HD avec Interface utilisateur par défaut : Sense 2.0 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently, an upgrade to the device would require repartitioning the internal storage and with it, being highly likely to wipe your personal data as well.Technical difficulties that would reduce users experience was also cited as one of the reasons for HTC’s move.

The move will be costing HTC a lot, since Samsung’s leading edge as the top Android smartphone manufacturer will be uncontested for some time. However, Samsung also made their fair share of upgrade issues with it’s first flagship Galaxy, the Galaxy S being denied the same Ice Cream Sandwich update. At the end of the day, HTC and Samsung would need to force users to buy new phones by denying upgrades. It’s just that HTC lost the chance to ante up on Samsung by offering more advanced upgrades for their older flagships.

Source: HTC


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